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Very proud to be your trusted partner in car rental.

GLCAR is a network of 250 agencies located in several cities of the Kingdom of Morocco. We present you a range of cars of your choice that adapts to your lifestyle and your daily activities. With a fleet of 6000 cars GLCAR ranks among the leaders in car rental marketplace based on fair marketing Our partner agencies abide by the Labor Charter.

  • Offer you the best way to be sure to rent a well equipped car. In good condition and at the best price. Our management of car rental agencies allows us to present you the best service.
  • Our well trained technical staff is at your disposal. A personalized service, flexible and reliable with the guarantee that the car you rented will be available.
  • We always work in longevity and loyalty with our partners. Together, we do this to serve our customers better.
  • GLCAR presents the values of GLCAR and why we are among the leaders , both individual and team, and best serve our clients.
  • GLCAR has to constantly innovate technically like the platforms android, iphone, ipad ... which will obviously facilitate the booking process and other online services.
  • Our responsibility is to be at the fingertips and in the hearts of our customers to be always at their disposal to serve them when they need us.

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See what people ask FAQ

Knowing that the security deposit amount is equal to the amount of the deductible contracted according to the category of the vehicle leased.
In case of theft or damage of which the tenant is responsible the amount will be totally or partially paid by the tenant.
In the absence of damage or theft this deposit will be refunded to the tenant at the close of the contract within 8 days after the exhaustion of the rental period.

It is specified that in the case of a rent of more than 7 days, the deposit, according to the amount indicated in the general tariff, will be levied at the time of the hiring of rental and returned, at the end of hiring, without interest, according to the following conditions :
Yes of course the deposit must be kept by the lessor in case of damages on the vehicle, in order to open the franchise. It is recommended to have a zero-deductible insurance for this you must complete a declaration of damage at your renter it will be your beneficiary who will refund you the renter directly.

How is the rental deposit calculated?

The deposit is a deposit of money used as a guarantee to rent in practice the rental agencies only accept cards or checks the majority of agencies only accept cash settlement for security reasons.The amount of the deposit varies from one agency to another depending on the category of the vehicle leasedFor information the deductible of the super-eco car is 2500 € the deposit will be 2500 € In case of absence of theft or damage the deposit of the guarantee will be made before its collection

Individual: Documents to be submitted

Individual: The valid driver's license is essential the tenant must present it plus his own bank card.  (The agency reserves the right to accept or refuse the payment by check. For this method of payment, you may be asked to provide proof of income) Master cards, Mosaic, Maestro, Electron, Cyrus, Mastercard Maestro, Visa Electron, e-cards, withdrawal cards, maps without relief, are not accepted for booking the vehicle. Without any refunds made.
Of course in one condition, your request must be made after 24 hours before your departure but your new wishes must be compatible with the availability of the hirer on site.

If you wish to change your reservation please contact us by phone we are at your service 24/24.

In addition, it is not possible to reduce the length of the rental period. In this case, it is better to cancel everything and start over. From the moment the scheduled pick-up time is exceeded, it will not be possible to modify your reservation.
In case you want to extend your stay and rent, or if you need to go home, you can contact our customer service to make a new reservation for the additional days you wish in this case you can benefit from a negotiated rate; Or contact the hirer from whom you have picked up the vehicle (or another agency in its network). He will then make you an offer.

You have to respect the date of return of the vehicle, for reasons of insurance coverage for that pay attention to the dates of reservation of your vehicle.

If you wish to return the vehicle sooner than expected, please note that you will generally not be reimbursed for unused rental days. The only exception is that some providers can make a refund in case of force majeure (sickness or serious accident), but this is not a legal obligation: it is a commercial gesture according to the decision of the provider.
Do I have to pay gold for canceling my reservation?                                                 

To cancel you just have to call us during the time of the pick-up of the vehicle, cancellation of the reservation is free up to 24 hours with an exception in case the provider is GLCAR < Strong>, the cancellation is free up to 7 days after the date of your reservation.
Yes of course if you have a valid driver's license, but it must be declared as an additional driver by the lessor, the amount of this option is usually free but its amount depends on the renters this mentioned in the rental conditions of each car on our site Internet                                                 

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that in the event of an accident with a driver not declared driving, all your insurance underwritten will lapse!
A well-equipped car to satisfy and ease your travel

• A baby seat
• Shoes or snow tires

These additional options are chargeable and their amounts vary from one agency to another their amounts are shown in the terms of rentals linked to each offer on our site.

Nowadays air conditioning is widespread in vehicles it can not be be cited among additional.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service is at your disposal for any request. If you do not find the answer to your question on our site, do not hesitate to contact us.
With GLCAR you are in good hands if you want the renter to deliver the car to the hotel and take it back at the end of the rental period you will have to make an application in this case the provision of the car will be tariffed Availability and price of this service depends on the season and your location.

Caution : please contact our customer service for more information before proceeding to booking, delivery to the hotel can also mean a bus transfer from your hotel to The rental agency.
For some hotels, according to your destination depends on the season, this option is charged and most of the time it is quite expensive according to the number of kilometers between the hotel and the rental agency what a bus or a taxi Will move you from your hotel to the rental agency.

Note that this service does not take care of a destination other than a private address.

Regarding the ports: you can choose the service of the agencies that are available directly in a port cars this option is not available at the majority of the car rental agencies.

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GLCAR is a network of 250 agencies located in several cities of the Kingdom of Morocco. We present you a range of cars of your choice that adapts to your lifestyle and your daily activities. With a fleet of 6000 cars GLCAR ranks among the leaders in car rental marketplace based on fair marketing Our partner agencies abide by the Labor Charter.

  • Address: No. 24 street kadi ayad district administrative 15000 - Khemisset, Morocco
  • Support : +212 537-552-224
  • E-mail : contact@glcar.ma
  • Hours of work: 08: 00-20: 00 except Sunday